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Operation COIN has taken a considerable amount of time talking to families and getting to know individuals who can really use a helping hand, whether that be helping families that are barely making it or individuals.
It takes time to become self-sufficient again when faced with setbacks. It’s our mission to welcome all walks of life much like an open door that never closes.
Operation COIN (Come On In Now) is exactly how we feel about those that we sponsor and those who come with their troubles. We’d like to build our Organization up to be there for refuge and celebrate the success in lives that change with the help of those who donate.


Below you will find a family with a remarkable story who can still use help

Jessica D.

The story behind Jessica D. has touched many lives. I share Jessica’s story to encourage others to never stop in the face of fear/obstacles and shed light on serious issues that we are still facing. 

Many admire Jessica for the kind, selfless and compassionate person that she is. It wasn’t hard for Jessica to find her calling in life to become a nurse but it still didn’t come easy. As Jessica attended San Jose City College she faced many challenges as she had financial hardships that affected getting school, tons of homework, newborn with health problems which led to having no sitter for school and no sleep. Then came the very exciting news that Jessica was expecting a little girl. As exhausted as she was the determination never left her heart. Jessica made many sacrifices alongside her husband, together they made it through the storm even though the constant struggle was leaving her with negative thoughts of giving up. Miraculously, Jessica beat the odds and Graduated SJCC and her dedication to become a nurse didn’t stop there. 

Currently Jessica is working as a nurse. Jessica, continues to further her education and is currently in the process of getting her Bachelors in nursing. Everyday is still a struggle being a widow, supporting a family, providing emotional support to her children while she’s in need of the same support.

Lorenzo D.

“Smile, be grateful for today.”

There was a time Lorenzo, a disabled veteran who struggled with homelessness, found it hard to smile. At the age of 17 Lorenzo made a brave decision to enlist in the Marine corps. He was eager and proud to protect and serve his country but, he soon found life making a turn for the worst. Lorenzo was in a terrible accident that left him unable to fulfill his duties as a Marine. Lorenzo received an honorable discharge and left the Marines with disappointment. He found himself depressed on the streets and was lost for a while.

With the help of Volunteers and a fixed income due to disability, Lorenzo began to regain his strength mentally and emotionally. To this day you will find him saying ” my health may not be 100 percent but I’m grateful everyday.” Lorenzo lives in a safe place through social services. One of the things he is most passionate about is helping others. Life has completely changed as he now finds peace and fulfillment in volunteering his time at food banks and churches. Although Lorenzo may not have enough for medical necessities he believes in giving back by feeding the homeless. He strongly believes he has this new life by God’s grace and mercy.


Sponsorship for covid-19 pandemic

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  • - Hygiene kits
  • - Sanitizing products
  • - Learning kits


Meet Thomas

I love spending time with family and surfing too! My inspiration is helping others. I like having conversations with others when I am volunteering my time. I started this nonprofit to help all people in need. I have seen so many people in need like all the homeless around where I live. They are not getting the help they deserve it. My inspirations are Martin Luther King, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah Winfrey. A funny fact about myself, I like to sing to my dogs. .”

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    Operation COIN is a non-profit organization committed to helping families and Individuals with financial support, resources and in the near future we hope to offer affordable housing

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